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▶  Sleepers starting at $225/day.
$50 / person - day houses


▶  To leave a deposit click the PayPal button below. Thank you!


▶  Different houses and options available. Houses from 8' x 16' to
10' x 20'. Bathrooms provided with sleepers.

▶  Our fish houses are equipped with a 3 burner range and an oven to cook your pizzas!

▶  8 fishing holes per unit

▶  CO2 and smoke detectors in each house for safety
▶  Thermosat regulated with heat vents
▶  Lighting via generator or propane lantern (provided). 

The houses will be warm and ready to fish upon arrival! 

I plow the road to each house so you can conveniently drive yourself to the fish house.

You will  need to buy an ice road pass for $10 to access the ice.

The houses will be located on the south-side of Lake of the Woods (see map) North of Pine Island (Wheelers point access)
2 and 4 man day houses available
 OR 4 four man sleeper house

Suggested Supplies

▶  Paper towels
▶  Plates and plastic wear
▶  Sleeping bag and pillow
▶  Fresh water
▶  Pots, pans and cooking utensils
▶  Garbage bags
▶  Ziplock bags for fish
▶  Slippers
▶  Toilet paper
▶  Vexilar fish finder or other
▶  Fishing rods
▶  Bait
▶  Phone chargers
▶  Generator (recommended for furnaces to run blowers...rentals available)

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